Hydraulic Quick Acting Couplers

  • Bi-directional shutoff couplings minimize fluid loss when disconnected
  • Both halves of the coupler, body and nipple, contain shutoff valves
  • Coupling components are made from steel, brass or stainless steel
  • Inch system couplings: threads are NPT
  • Metric system couplings: threads are G

Hydraulic Quick Acting Couplers Specifications

Fluid Types Air, water, oil, steam, medicines, gasoline and others (please inquire)
Pressure - KZD 0~1090 PSI
0~75 KgF/cm2 (0~7355 KPa)
Pressure - KZE 0~5075 PSI
0~350 KgF/cm2 (0~34325 KPa)
Material Carbon Steel, Brass or Stainless Steel (optional)

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