Our Goal

Preferred Products Design, Inc. manufactrues and distribues a very complete and precise line of quick-connect fittings for all pneumatic applications. Standard or custom, we offer a wide range of products designed to satisfy your connection requirements

Our goal is to become "the go to place" for your "Pneumatic Connection Solutions". A custom pneumatic fitting can be an economical solution to a very difficult connection problem. Please ask us for a quote. PPD® fittings offer quality, low, cost solutions to all your pneumatic connection needs.

From 10 pieces to 10,000,000 pieces, OEM, distributors or hobbiest. "WE'RE YOUR CONNECTION TO SUCCESS!"

Watch for updates as our offering grows daily!

Sintered Metal Solutions Division

Preferred Products Design, Inc. is pleased to introduce you to our "Sintered Metal Solutions" division. We offer a wide range of "standard & custom" designated sintered metal products for hydraulic, pneumatic and bearing applications which we feel is the most complete line of sintered metal products available today.

  • Our catalogue includes mufflers, vents, and speed controls available with NPT or BSP threads ranging in sizes from 10-32 to 1"
  • The bodies of the muffler/filters, breather vents, and speed controls are available in brass, stainless steel or plated steel.
  • Sintered elements are available in bronze and stainless powders, stainless or nickel plated brass wire in micron ratings ranging from 5 to 200. They can be used to filter, muffle pneumatics noise, arrest flames, control flow or separate fluids with different surface tension
  • Custom sintered products
  • We also sell custom porous plastic filters, nylon and stainless steel screens.

To learn more about our sintered metals offerings, visit ppdsintered.com.

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