Hand Valves

  • Two and three way hand valves are designed to turn on and off the airflow
  • When closed, three way hand valves release the residual internal pressure on the output side
  • Convenient One-Touch fittings provide instant tubing connections
  • Elliptical release ring facilitates pneumatic installations in confined spaces
  • Light manual pressure on the elliptical release ring is all that is required to instantly disconnect each tube - No special tools required
  • Nickel plated brass threaded bodies provides corrosion and contamination resistance
  • Rugged polymer (PBT) housing
  • All NPT & R (BSPT) threads are pre-coated with Teflon sealant and require no additional sealing
  • Inch system fittings: tube sizes are inches, threads are UNF or NPT
  • Metric system fittings: tube sizes are in millimeters, threads are M or R(PT, BSPT)
  • G-thread fittings: tube sizes are in millimeters
  • For “Two Way” valves, please add “B” at the end of the part number

Speed Controller Specifications

Fluid Types Air (No other type of gas or liquid)
Working Pressure Range 0~150PSI 0~9.9KgF/cm2 (0~990KPa)
Negative Pressure -29.5 Hg, -750mm Hg (10 Torr)
Working Temperature 32~140oF 0-60oC
Suggested Tube Material Nylon and Polyurethane

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